The History of Water and Air Ionizers: A Comprehensive Guide

Water and air ionizers have been around for quite some time, with the first water ionizers invented in the early 1900s. Research on electrolyzed water began around 1931 in Japan, where it gained popularity in the 1950s. Around this time, water was promoted as having “healing effects” and was called “shin'nooru solution” or “synnohl liquid”.

Decades later, British electrical engineer Cecil Alfred “Coppy” Laws developed the first air ionizer for domestic use.

A water ionizer is a device that uses the electrolysis process to change the structure of the water at the molecular level.

This generates an ionized alkaline water stream rich in antioxidants, as well as a sequentially oxidizing ionized acidic water stream. It has been developed in Japan after decades of research in water ionizer technology. Since the early 1990s, water ionizers have been imported from Japan and Korea. Today, advances in filtration, air purification, and sterilization are moving forward rapidly.

But did you know that air ionizers have been around since the beginning of the 20th century? The concept originated in the work of scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, who studied aeroionization in biology. Daniel Tranter, indoor air unit supervisor at the Minnesota Department of Health, recommends that an ionizer meet the UL 867 certification for electrostatic air filters or, preferably, the UL 2998 standard certification for zero ozone emissions. When deciding if an air ionizer is right for you, it's important to weigh the pros and cons. When I started drinking ionized water in 1995, the water ionizer was nowhere near as good as any of today's models.

Unlike air purifiers and disinfectants that use fans and filters (HEPA or carbon) to trap harmful contaminants inside the device, an ionizer “removes the impurities that float around the room, attacking the molecules and neutralizing them”. At present, alkaline ionized water is classified along with strongly acidic electrolytic water as functional electrolytic water, and research related to alkaline ionized water is also gaining academic momentum. In this social context, all companies dedicated to the manufacture and sale of alkaline ionized water devices created in September 1992 are focused on Division 2 of the Industrial Association of Home Health Devices of Japan. In the early 20th century, Russians addressed this challenge by inventing the first water ionizers which could separate negative and positive ions to create ionized water.

Ionized water has hundreds of benefits and even with the first brands and models of water ionizers people benefited in abundance. The new Enagic SD501 water ionizer had 7 plates and produced a wider pH range than older Ange models. In 2002 Jupiter Water Ionizers introduced several new models that ranked among the best such as the Melody Water Ionizer.

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